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Neighbor Nations

Neighbor Nations is a card game based on geographic proximity. The game consists of 186 country cards and a map reference booklet.

You can download a print and play protoytype here.

1. Progression

Every player starts with 7 cards and tries to be the first to collect a set of five "Neighbor Nations", or countries that are next to each other. During a turn a player can either trade out cards from the central stack or they can request a specific card from their competitors.

2. Card information

Each card displays the shape of the country it represents, a simplified view of its surroundings and an indication of its proximity to the equator.

3. Prototype

This is the current prototype that is being circulated for testing. The prototype was printed on-demand through the Game Crafter. The color is a bit dark, but the material quality is very good.

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Montgomery Artifact

This is an art project based upon the freedom afforded by the public domain and an English teacher I had in High School who insisted that we couldn't say without a doubt that Montgomery was dead at the end of the book the Island of Doctor Moreau. This project presupposes that the beast men took the still living Montgomery from under Prendick's panicked nose and sent him on his way out to sea.

Still on the run from the events that transpired years ago in London, Montgomery assumed the persona of a lowly street urchin that allowed him to both evade detection by investigators and also indulge his inherent irresponsibility. As he drifted across the globe, he noted his interests in sketchbooks only recently recovered and cataloged through this project.

1. Screenprints

I reproduce the catalog of images as screen prints. After I complete enough prints I will set up a gallery showing that will follow Montgomery's path.

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Hampden #55 Elementary / Middle School

My son attends Hampden #55 and the principal asked if I would help them create a new rendition of their mascot, Morgan the Mustang. The previous version was a stock illustration and they hoped to have an image that they could own and continue to develop.

1. Mascot

The updated Morgan the Mustang.

2. Logo

A proper logo for the school. The fonts used are Balto and Century Gothic. Balto is the product of a studio in northern Baltimore (Type Supply) and Century gothic is the principals favorite. We felt it important to use a typeface created locally so they could use it as a practical example of professional creativity for the students.

3. One color usage

I created a specific drawing of Morgan so the character worked well in a one color print on dark backgrounds.

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Band Merch

1. T-Shirt

Pig Destroyer - "State"

( 4 color - Front )

4. T-Shirt

Most Precious Blood - "Do Not Resuscitate"

( 1 color - Front )

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Logos / Small Drawings

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Stock illustrations

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